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Waterproofing Admixtures

Complying to ASTM C 494 Type A, F. and G IS - 9103-79


We at Perma constructions aid, are well noted for Perma - Hyper Plast, which is based on hyper plasticizing sulphonated synthetic polymers. The product may be dispensed at dosages varying between 1 to 2 percent by weight of cement depending upon type of concrete required. Being well known in that market, we can ensure that our Water Reducing Concrete Admixture is of high and genuine quality that can be use for construction works.

1) Perma - Hyper Plast is recommended in all high grade concrete which has a cement content of over 400 kgs. per m3.
2) Perma - Hyper Plast is recommended in hot weather concreting where workability retention over long periods are required.
3) Perma - Hyper Plast is recommended in marine structures, pile foundations, bridge girders, caissons and such structures where quality of concrete is of prime importance.
4) Perma - Hyper Plast is also recommended where  very high initial and ultimate strengths are expected.

1) Hyper plasticising action of this product produces free flowing concrete, with most kinds of aggregates and varying fine aggregates.
2) Perma - Hyper Plast maintains the workability over long periods.
3) Perma - Hyper Plast helps in production of high quality concrete which exhibits superior compressive, tensile and flexural strengths and exhibits excellent resistance to chloride and sulphide attacks on concrete.
4) Perma - Hyper Plast is compatible with all types of cements including puzzolonic and fly ash / slag  cements.
5) Perma - Hyper Plast is specially suggested in all high strength concrete and in construction of  marine structures, pile foundations and bridge girders.
6) Perma - Hyper Plast enables production of dense impermeable and fair finish concrete.

Perma - Hyper Plast should be added to the mix along with water. Addition of plasticisers to the dry mix or dry cement should be avoided. During long transits of concrete fifty percent of the recommended dosage of Perma - Hyper Plast can be added at the batching plant and the remaining fifty percent at site just before pouring.


Colour Dark Brown Liquid
Specific Gravity 1.20 at 25§C
Air entrainment 1%, Maximum dependent ongrading of sand and water content
Chlorides Nil
Nitrates Nil
Sulphates 0.5%
Freezing Point  + 5§C Material can be reconstituted by agitating at 30C
Usage Shake well before use

Perma - Hyper Plast is based on hyper plasticising sulphonated synthetic polymers carefully selected to give superior initial and ultimate results.

Perma- Hyper Plast is available in 25 kgs, and 260 kgs, drum.

Twelve months if stored in manufacturer’s original drums. Perma - Hyper Plast should be stored in a place where temperature does not drop below +5ºC. If the product is frozen, thaw at + 30ºC and agitate until completely reconstituted. Shake well before use.

Perma - Hyper Plast is not a health hazard or fire risk. Spillages should be washed immediately to avoid possibilities of slipping.