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Water Reducing Concrete Admixture


We at Perma constructions aid, provides and supply Perma Plast AEA, which is a high performance, chloride-free water reducing cum air en training agent for mortars, concrete and lightweight aggregate mixes. We introduce Perma Plast AEA to bring about entrainment of innumerable microscopic air bubbles of suitable size and space evenly distributed throughout the matrix. Perma Plast AEA lowers the surface tension of the mixing water. As a result, there is considerable reduction in the amount of mixing water required. The plasticizing nature of air entrainment assists in producing a dense, uniform close textured surface free gravel nests and honey combing.

The product we manufacture, export and supply is compatible with all types of cements, sands and avoids Efflorescence and bleed in concrete. It has an advantage where it reduces water cement ratio thereby Increasing strength. It also increases resistance of mortars to attack by deicing salts and freeze and thaw cycles .The concrete produced with PernaPlast AEA Is homogeneous and free from bleeding. Apart from that, the air entrainment of microscopic bubbles assists In producing cohesive concrete free from bleed which reduces segregation. Being well known in that market, we can ensure that our Water Reducing Concrete Admixture is of genuine quality that can be use for construction works.