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Water Proofing Powder

The product is a Dark Brown powder that is a perfect material for quality waterproofing of old and new concrete constructions. The product works effectively by the process of crystallisation.

Primary Uses:

  • Perma Seal is useful in waterproofing of old and new leakages of water tank.
  • Perma Seal is useful in waterproofing of old and new swimming pools.
  • Perma Seal is useful in waterproofing of old and new basements.
  • Perma Seal is useful in waterproofing of sunken slabs and lift pits.


  • Perma Seal has easy application by brush.
  • Perma Seal possess alkaline nature hence can recover alkalinity of old concrete constructions under repair.
  • Perma Seal is convenient to be applied at opposite side surface of water leakage.
  • Perma Seal is useful in any season.

Directions For Use

  • Firstly, clean the surface till its visibility, where Perma Seal needs to be applied.
  • Repair all cracks by chasing out to form 'V' shaped groove 10 mm wide and 10 mm deep. Prime the groove by Perma Seal slurry and fill by cement sand mortar admixed with 20% Perma Seal Powder.
  • Saturate all the surface to be treated with water and avoid inactivity of water in depressions and recesses.
  • Mix Perma Seal powder 2 1/2 volumes with 1 volume of water to form a uniform consistency slurry. Apply brush two coats to this slurry by using nylon brush on the water saturated surface. Plaster the surface immediately and save the cracks easily.

Usually, Perma Seal works by crystallisation process. When seal slurry is applied on saturated concrete surface the active ingredients penetrate the water bearing tubes of concrete and react with cement particles to form non soluble crystals which block these tubes. After that, active chemicals of Perma Seal remain on the surface of concrete to restart the crystallisation process when a new capillary is formed.



FORM: Dark Brown Powder
NATURE: Highly Alkaline
MIXING RATIO: 2 1/2 Volume of powder to 1 volume of water
COVERAGE 8 to 10 sq./ft. per kg. for 2 coats.


Health And Safety
Avoid inhaling dust by wearing light masks while using Perma Seal. Also, avoid direct contact of Perma Seal slurry with hands by wearing suitable gloves. Perma Seal includes strong alkalies and hygroscopic elements.  

Perma Seal is available in 10 kgs, and 25 kgs packing.

Shelf Life
Perma Seal should be stored in dry spaces, but stay away from cold to catch moisture and direct contact of sunlight. The product has life for one year in manufacturer's original packing.