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Water Proofing Liquid

Water Proofing Liquid Manufacturers
Perma Shield is a milky white liquid which has good waterproofing and protection strength. Water proofing liquid is useful in filling shrewish leakages and wetness from walls and protecting exposed supports.

Water Proofing Liquid Primary Use

  • Water Proofing Liquid (Perma Shield) is useful for waterproofing terraces.
  • Water Proofing Liquid (Perma Shield) is useful for arresting rising dampness.
  • Water Proofing Liquid (Perma Shield) is useful for protection of exposed reinforcing steel rods.
  • Water Proofing Liquid (Perma Shield) is useful for water proofing leakages from toilet units and sunk slabs.
  • Water Proofing Liquid (Perma Shield) is useful for water proofing damp walls.

Apply Perma Shield, after making the surface cleaned properly or free from oil. Remove all dust particles and unwanted elements clearly from surface by wire brushing or  mechanical scabbling. Make good all sorts of curves and cracks on the surface by using Perma Crack fill or Perma Rapid Repair systems.

The system includes applications of 1 or 2 Barrier Coats depending upon badness of problem. In terrible cases, apply three Barrier Coats. Apply Perma Shield plaster immediately wherever required.


Barrier Coat 1 Ltr + 2kg 35-40 sqt/coat.


Water Proofing Liquid DIRECTIONS FOR USE

1. Flowing and wetness through walls.
a) Remove the entire plaster.
b) Apply one coat of plaster and cure it for 7 days.
c) Apply one coat of Barrier coat and immediately complete the second coat of plaster and cure normally.

2.Leakage from sunk slabs of toilets.
a) Stop the use of upper floor toilet till the dripping stops.
b) Remove the plaster or scrape the concrete. If the surface to be applied is concrete only which is sound then use the surface directly.
c) Apply two Barrier coats and plaster the surface immediately.

3.Terrace water proofing
a) Apply two Barrier coat on the prepared terrace surface or one Barrier coat followed by Plaster or IPS.

4.For protection of exposed reinforcing steel.
a) Clean the rods and apply two Barrier coats.


Water Proofing Liquid PROPERTIES

Form                           Liquid
Colour                        Milky White
Ph                               10
Stabilisation                Non-Ionic
Antioxidant                  Non-Ionic
Bacteriocide               yes
Antifoam                     yes
Minimum film  forming temperature     5oC


Perma Shield is available in 1 Litre and 20 Litres containers.

Perma Shield can have two years life, if get secured in original packing in cool and dry place.