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Polymer Based Plasticieng Admixture


We at Perma constructions aid, offers high range of Polymer Based Plasticien Admixture, which is compatible with other products. Our product is a water curtail which can be added to any mixture to boost up utility. We are well known in the market for our product and therefore we can ensure that our Polymer Based Plasticine Admixture is of genuine quality that can be use for construction works.

To produce self-compacting flowing concrete. To produce high early strength concrete.

For the production of high workability concrete where heavily congested reinforcements exist, or poor access is available. To produce flowing self compacting concrete which requires minimal labour to place. For the production of high strength, high workability concrete. Particularly beneficial in hot climatic conditions.     

1) Increased workability-A concrete with a slump of  50 to 100 mm can be turned into self compacting, flowing concrete that requires little or no vibration, with the simple addition of Perma Plast-Super.
2) High strength mixes - Due to reduction in water content higher grade concrete can be produced at normal  workabilities and cement contents.
3) Improved Compaction - Concrete can be placed and compacted more quickly and easily when Perma Plast-Super is incorporated to the mix.
4) Superior Finish - Surface finish is improved, sand runs and blemishes are reduced.
5) Durable Concrete - Enables production of economical, dense and more permeable concrete.

Perma Plast-Super should be added to the mix during the cycle at the same time as the water or the aggregates. Never add Perma Plast-Super to dry cement. No extention to mixing time is necessary. Alternatively when using Perma Plast - Super to produce flowing concrete at site using ready mix trucks, it can be added to the concrete via the hoper at the rear of the truck a few minutes before use, at a minimum drum revolution of 10 r.p.m. to produce a fully homogenous mix.

Perma Plast-Super dramatically increases the workability of concrete mixes by it's powerful deflocculating and dispersing effect on the cement particles. This increase in workability can be utilised to produce high workability concrete or to enable significant reductions in the free water content.

Field trials should be conducted to determine the optimum addition rates of Perma Plast-Super. As a guide to these trials, the following figures are recommended as a starting point: Water Reduced Concrete  Dosage % Water Reduction (cc per 50 Kgs. of Cement)
10 to 15       150
15 to 20       310
20 to 30       450
30 to 35       600

A severe over dosage of Perma Plast - Super will make the concrete free flowing and may result in bleeding. The strengths obtained however will be in excess of the designed strengths.


Colour Dark Brown / Black liquid
Specific Gravity 1.20 at 25§C
Air Entrainment Nil
Chloride Content Nil
Nitrate Content  Nil
Freezing Point Can withstand any number of  freezing and thawing cycles

A multicomponent liquid admixture based on high molecular weight polymers and Napthalene formaldehyde.

Perma Plast-Super is not a health hazard or fire risk. Spillages should be washed immediately to avoid possibilities of slipping.

Perma Plast-Super is available in 24 kgs and 250 kgs drum.

Twelve months if stored in manufacturer’s sealed drums.