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Non Shrink Grout

Non Shrink Grout (Perma Grout - 40) SPECIFICATION
ASTM C 827-78 ASTM G 387-77A, CDR-C 8174 BS 5383 PART-2 1980 E, CDR-C-621 1983 ASTM C 878

Non Shrink Grout (Perma Grout - 40) DESCRIPTION
Perma Non Shrink Grout - 40 is a free flowing shrinkage compensating grout mix supplied in grey powder form which needs only on site addition of water to form a ready to use grouting slurry.

Perma Grout - 40 (Non Shrink Grout) is used for:
1) Machine foundations
2) Column/Stanchion foundations
3) Grouting structural cut outs and recesses in sanitary fittings like floor traps, annular spaces of  pipe passes through walls etc, in residential buildings.
4) Grouting crane rails, anchor bolts, dowel bars etc.

1) Non Shrink Grout (Perma Grout - 40) achieves the strength of parent concrete within 72 hours.
2) Non Shrink Grout (Perma Grout - 40) is shrinkage compensating hence  least affected by shrinkage.
3) Non Shrink Grout (Perma Grout - 40) is free flowing and self levelling  hence dose not require any vibrations.
4) Non Shrink Grout (Perma Grout - 40) is free from any added Chlorides, Sulphates, Nitrates and any ferrous materials.

DIRECTION'S FOR USE for Non Shrink Grout
1) Clean the foundation surface to be grouted so that it is free from dust, dirt, oil, grease, curing compound, paint etc.
2) Make the surface wet and avoid stagnation of water in the recesses.
3) Mix Perma Grout - 40 with water as per the ratios mentioned above in the properties, to form a smooth consistence mortar or slurry. Lower the water content higher is the strength.
4) Pour the material in the pocket or recesses to be grouted and cure by placing a wet hessain after the initial hardening.

PROPERTIES of Non Shrink Grout

Physical Form Grey Powder
Max. Particle Size 1.2 mm
Water Addition For Flowable Consistency 170 To 180 Ml/Kg
Water Addition For Plastic Consistency 160 To 170 Ml/Kg
Free Expansion 4%
Yield 13.5 Litres Per 25 Kg


Perma Grout - 40 (Non Shrink Grout) is supplied in 10 kgs and 25 kgs sack.

One year if stored in original packing and kept away from moisture in a cool and dry place.