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Grouting Powder

Being a fine cementitious powder, Perma Grout forms a neat slurry with water. The prepared slurry is used for injection grouting. If concrete is porous or honey combed the cement slurry which is used for injection grouting partly blocks the voids and capillary. The product is a quality cementitious powder which is prepared for effective injection grouting of R.C.C. structures to fill leakages.

Perma Grout is used for injection grouting to arrest leakages in most R.C.C structures such as:

  • Basements.
  • Retaining walls.
  • Roof slabs.
  • Under ground and over head water tanks.
  • Water retaining structures.
  • Earthen bunds etc.

Also, Perma Grout is used for densifying loosened weak concrete.


  • Perma Grout is made effective in filling capillaries and voids and does not shrink like cement slurries.
  • Perma Grout flows easily through the concrete and expands in voids and capillaries.
  • On comparison with epoxy and polyurethane grouts, Perma Grout seems is very economical


  • Cut holes in the concrete to be grouted with chisel and hammer and fix nozzles at suitable intervals depending upon the porosity of the concrete. One foot interval or two feet interval is a common practice.
  • Prepare a uniform consistency slurry by mixing Perma Grout and Water in the ratio of 1 Volume of Grout to 2 volumes of water. Pump this slurry through the fixed nozzles using a 30 psi pump.
  • Cover grout holes one by one so that area of working is in close circles. When the whole area is grouted remove 1" - 2" of grout slurry from each hole and seal it with PERMA GROUT-40 slurry.


Perma Grout is available in 10 kg and 25 kg sacks.


Perma Grout has shelf life for one year, if stored as per instructions in cool and dry conditions away from moisture.