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Crack Filler for Concrete


We at Perma Construction Aid, offers huge range of Perma Crack filler, which is a dry powder when mixed with water it forms a creamy consistency paste which is ready for use in filling cracks and repairing plasters. Our product is a specially formulated polymer modified repair mortar designed to fully meet the requirement of effectively filling cracks in plasters and in concrete, avoiding the use of costly sealants. We ensure that our Crack Filler for Concrete is of genuine quality for the purpose of construction works etc.

1) Perma Crack fill is ideally suited for filling up of superficial plaster cracks as well as structural cracks.
2) Perma Crack fill can be used for repairing ceiling cracks and plasters with ease because of its viscosity.
3) Cracks arising due to plasters cracking at junctions of wall and column or brick work and soffit of beam can be effectively sealed.
4) Cracks at parapet wall junction and roof slabs are also sealed with Perma Crackfill.

Perma Crackfill replaces costly sealant and putties. It is non shrink, hence possibility of shrinkage cracks are non existant. It has high tensile strength and good adhesion property. The finish achieved is sufficiently smooth. Good resistance to freeze / thaw cycles, carbonation and attack by chlorides. Conventional curing is not required.

Perma Crackfill is a whitish grey coloured powder, a blend of special cement, polymer additives and selected graded fine aggregates. The same when mixed with water results in a whitish grey workable paste which can be trowelled to a fine finish.

Preparation: It is essential that the surface of the concrete to be repaired is sound, clean and uncontaminated. Chase the crack and form a neat "V" shaped groove at least 6 mm wide on surface. Damaged plasters can be cut out in more or less square sides. Defective material must be removed carefully using reducing tools, needle guns or sharp tools and chipping hammers. Force must not be applied as it will damage the sound material beneath.

Just add water to Perma Crackfill by volume in the ratio of 1 water to 4 volumes of powder and mix thoroughly to get an even consistency mortar. In demanding situations Perma Bond PVA can be used to replace water and the same can be used for priming the surfaces before application of Perma Crackfill. Whereas, well mixing by trowel is suitable for small mixes, it is recommended that an efficient mechanical mixer be used.

Start curing after the material has sufficiently hardened for two days and then allow to dry out slowly (i.e. protect from rapid drying due to wind, sun or excessive heat). Use of Curing Compound is ideal in repairs.

Perma Crackfill is suitable for all subsequent decorative finishes and painting. The finish obtained by Perma Crackfill is far smoother than conventional plasters.

One year in manufacturer's original packing, if stored in dry conditions away from moisture and direct sunlight.


FORM Free Flowing light whitish grey powder
BULK DENSITY  1600 Kgs/m3
POT LIFE 60 minutes at 20°C

Perma Crackfill is non-toxic and safe. Dust masks and hand gloves are recommended to avoid direct inhalation of dust and contact with skin.

Available in 1 kg, 10kgs and 25 kgs packs.

12 Months from the date of manufacture, if stored in cool and dry place away from moisture.