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Concrete Water Proofing Compund

Perma Plast-O-Proof is a water proofing compound that is effective with both Concrete and Plasters. The product is based on specialized surfactants and synthetic resin which give superior flow and cohesive properties in concrete and mortars. Using this product with concrete and mortar is one of the precautions taken to achieve a waterproofing benefit for concrete or plaster.

Advantages :

  • Mixing of Perma-O-Proof with Concrete and Plasters can exhibit the following advantages
  • Increases Durability due to air entrainment
  • Improvement seen in the surface finishing of concrete and plasters
  • Segregation, bleed and thereafter honeycombing is prevented
  • Perma-O-Proof is also effective against bad impact of Sulphates and Chlorides of ground water in coastal areas.

Packing :
Avail Perma Plast-O-Poof is in packs of 100ml, 1 ltr, 2 ltr, 5 ltr, 20ltr,, 100ltr,, 10ltr,, 200ltr,, 500ltr, and 25ltr.