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Concrete Water Proofing Compound


Concrete Water Proofing Compound    
We at Perma constructions aid, offers a high range of Perma Plast-AC, which is a silicate based liquid. It acts as a plasticizing accelerator for cement concrete and mortars. Perma Plast –AC admixed mortars and concretes set fast giving early & final high strength. Our product is of special use in shot-cretin, guniting and concreting in very low temperatures. We can ensure that our Waterproofing Concrete Mortar of high and genuine quality that can be use for construction works.

1. In fast setting concretes and mortars.
2. Concreting of pre-cast elements.
3. Concreting & rendering in very low temperatures.
4. In reducing rebound losses in sprayed mortar.

In case of shot-creting / guniting , Perma Plast –AC is mixed in the guaging water in the required proportion before addition to the dry mix. Hence it can be successfully used in both dry and wet shot-creting processes. In concrete and mortars for pre-cast elements. Perma Plast –AC is dosed through a separate dosing time fitted above the mixer. It can be dosed manually as well after addition of required water.

Required dosage of Perma Plast-AC has to be arrived at site by practical trials. The dosage is dependent on temperature conditions, type of cement, type of acceleration required. We however recommend dosages of 1 to 10 percent by weight of cement. Lower dosages are however used in pre-cast elements and higher dosages are used in shot-creting.

1. Perma Plast –AC is of special use in guniting and shot-creting as its accelerated setting times help in quick rebuilding of mortar layers without colla- pse.
2. Rebound losses in shot-creting and guniting are minimized. Early shifting of the pre-cast elements is facilitated.
3. In pre-cast hollow / solid blocks, pavers, cement tiles, breaking of the edges while lifting the moulds is minimized.
4. Perma Plast–AC helps in early setting of mortars and concrete in low temperature climates.

1. Rebound losses in shot-creting and guniting are minimized. Saving on material, labour and  machine time.
2. Perma Plast-AC is liquid in form, hence easy to use.
3. The plasticising action of Perma Plast-AC helps in complete hydration of cement there by achieving superior strength.
4. Wastage due to breaking in pre-cast elements is reduced saving on production cost.
5. Perma Plast-AC can be used with all types of cements.


Form Chloride free liquid
Specific Gravity 1.05 + / - 0.05
Air Entrainment Nil
Chlorides Nil
Sulphides Nil
Nitrates Nil
Flash Point None

1. Over dosage of Perma Plast –AC results in flash settings of concrete or mortars.
2. Do not use frozen aggregates in concreting in low temperature areas.
3. For best results keep gauging water to a minimum.
4. Areas to be concreted or shot-creted should be free from ice.
5. Fresh concrete should be so sheltered as to ensure the preservation of heat of hydration evolved.
6. The rules laid down by concerning authorities for cold weather should be strictly followed.

Perma Plast-Ac is not a health hazard or fire risk. Spillages should be washed immediately to avoid possibilities of slipping.

Perma Plast-AC is compatible with all types of portland cements including sulphate resisting cement. For use with other cements and along with other admixtures please seek the advise of your nearest Perma technical office or distributor. Perma Plast –AC should not be premixed with other admixtures. If other compatible admixtures to be used in concrete then dose them separately.

Perma Plast-AC is available in 20 litre & 210 litre drums.

Twelve months if stored in manufacturer’s original  packing.