Product Range

Admixture Polymer

Perma Paver Plast is a superior quality admixture specially developed for. application in pre-cast concrete, high performance concrete and for manufacturing of cement tiles, paver blocks etc.

Primary Uses :

• To increase work ability in concrete used in casting pre-cast units, cement tiles, paver blocks and for uses in white cement mixes

• To increase compressive strength

• To allow for reduction in water

• Due to increased strength development characteristics the elimination or reduction of steam curing in pre-cast work

Advantages :

• It is a clear liquid hence does not change colour in concrete.

• It is strongly recommended for tile industries and pre-cast units.

• Easy to dose.

• Lowers permeability

• Increases durability.

• Reduces shrinkage cracks.

Packing : Perma Paver Plast is available in 30 kgs & 120 kgs. packs