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The beginning  of the 21st century, considered a veritable "CHEMICAL CENTURY", has seen phenomenal industrial and infrastructural growth, having far reaching effects on the Construction Industry and materials for Construction. The Chemical Industry is, in a sense, a great creative dynamo, using its energies to devise new processes and techniques. The Construction Chemical Industry too has not been lagging behind. Changes in the manufacturing techniques have affected the building industry too. The highest standards of performance have been demanded from main building products such as concrete and mortars. Developments in materials and techniques have prompted Construction chemical manufacturers to strive hard and achieve higher levels of performance. however, in spite of the best efforts put together, lacunae seems to remain between the performance standards at site and the satisfaction level of engineers who are using these products. 

The growth factor and performance criteria for building products is expected to increase multi-fold in the 21st century. To bridge these gaps between performance expectation and the availability of quality construction chemicals, professionals with decades of experience in this field have joined hands to take up this challenge under the banner of "PERMA". 

PERMA offers the most modern construction chemicals to cater to all critical applications in the civil engineering industry. We, at PERMA, hope that our untiring efforts will bind us with the construction industry in a permanent bond.